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The DIY Website Design Trap | What They WON'T Tell You!

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

There are plenty of web design services out there that offer "simple" solutions to building your own site. Yet, whether it's "free" premade themes or AI web designing (based on asking cookie-cutter questions), most people will hit a wall at some point.

On top of that, it's typically after you've already been charged for a package or signed up for some sort of subscription.

With little-to-no web development experience, you can quickly find yourself feeling trapped between a rock and a hard place. By this point, you usually have to make one of three choices:

  1. Spend precious time fighting the learning curve of web development, SEO, and online marketing to HOPEFULLY end up with a fully-functional and mobile responsive site.

  2. Hit the "panic" button that most of these services offer, which usually reads something along the lines of "hire a professional," "get help," etc.

  3. Or... Give up and try to cancel your plan by contacting their customer service, who rarely make it easy and will end up sending you through a funnel of sales and retention pitches.

No matter which option you choose, at some point in the future, you'll need the help of a true professional to maximize your online presence, because the traps don't end once your site goes live.

Common Web Design Mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes we see include not using the right keywords and using images that aren't optimized or titled correctly. Not only can these hurt your search rankings, but they can also hurt the success of your paid ad campaigns.

Don't get suckered into paying for keyword search tools, you can use a free tool like Google's Keyword Planner. You still want to avoid keyword stuffing when you're copywriting, but knowing which keywords are trending and popular can make a huge difference in your article, image, and post titles alone.

Another common mistake is not proofreading the copy. Nobody is perfect, but you'd be surprised by how many mistakes you can find by rereading your pages out loud. Better yet, you can get someone else to read it aloud to you.

That way, you'll have two sets of ears AND opinions to mold what you want your final message to sound like.

An Easy Solution

Sorry if we've raised your blood pressure, but our solution is simple. Keep calm and call us. Even if you only need a simple splash page with the essentials, we'll create a website for your business that's clean, simple, and converts.

If you still choose to go out on your own, that's ok too. the best advice I can give is:

  1. Proceed with caution

  2. Have patience

  3. No matter what, pick a domain with a ".com" extension


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